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A Cure for Diabetes Does Exist

I know that you may find that incredibly hard to believe and a bit cruel for those that have suffered from this heart wrenching disease for most if not all of their lives, but it is TRUE! A proven cure for diabetes has been around for years now.

Just to help you understand why you may not have heard of this amazing discovery, it is important to know why your doctor hasn't been screaming from the top of his office or running down the hallway of his local hospital with news of this magnitude. You probably didn't know that the United States is the only country on the planet earth that has medicine for profit.

Again, let me stress this point even further, inside the medical field, the biggest part of any medical practice is the highly influential pharmaceutical industry. Basically, big pharmaceutical companies are the lobbyists for virtually every medical practice across the U.S. If they want their products to become the most requested medical treatments on the market, they must convince the doctors to prescribe them to their patients.

If there is any other business larger or more dictated by a group of distributors, or is more influential than
the pharmaceutical companies please let us know. Medicine in the United States is enormously huge
business to the tune of billions of dollars and continues to grow at an incredible rate, especially as baby boomers begin to enter the older segment of their lives. 

So, if there was a simple cure for diabetes, and there is, and if there is no way that the
pharmaceutical industry can capitalize on the product, do you think they would let it be told if they could help it? No Way! If they can't make a dime from it, it is the worst imaginable enemy to their livelyhood.

So, in order to reveal the discovery cure for diabetes, this isn't going to make it into any news reports and you can continue to ignore that even the United States is not exempt from cover-ups and some
propaganda. You can see for yourself and decide if this is the real deal cure for diabetes or not.

Diabetes is an accelerating life shortening disease that robs you or someone you know of so much of
the joys of life itself. What diabetes does to the body is it prevents your
body from producing any or enough insulin which causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood.

As this disease continues to remain in your body, you are always having to prick your finger and check
your blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Plus, depending on how severe your case is, you can expect
further health issues that can include blindness and limb amputations if the disease persists to cripple
you in as many ways it can. 

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