Dedicated Web Servers

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Dedicated Web Servers vs Shared Web Servers

First of all what is a web server and why should I care which type of web server I choose?

 A dedicated web server is a server not shared with anyone else or company. This allows your business or organization to have full control over the hosted server and no one else shares this server. Even though a dedicated server is an exclusive service you can opt for, you still are able to delegate administrative rights and access to whomever you need to within your company.

Dedicated web servers are usually located in a data center or company location. While the hardware of the web server is owned by the webhost provider, they can offer support to your location as a part of their service. Using a dedicated hosting service gives you a higher level of performance, security, email stability, and control. Unless you already have a very high volume of traffic you would be better off using a shared web server until your business has gained considerable online activity.

What is a shared web server? By its own name it is a shared service for several websites in one location. Each website is a part of a very large server that provides access to the internet. Think of a shared web server as an apartment complex opposed to a stately mansion of a dedicated web server.

Now, rest assured most websites are placed on shared web servers for several reasons. The space is a factor and the cost is the biggest reason. Not too many people have a spare room in their house and everyone can appreciate a storage unit at a remote location. 
With a shared web server, not only do you share in the location, but you share in their services as well. Technically, if a particular website overused their bandwidth or space this could affect the other ‘renters’ on the server. This is usually protected from happening and you should not see any effects of being a part of a shared web server.

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Dedicated Web Servers