Domain Name Registrars

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Choosing a Domain Name

A Domain Name Registrar is who you have to see to get your domain name secured so that you own it and no one else can take that particular domain name.

If you want a website you gotta have a name. Not just any name you want a name that when people see it and hear it, it STICKS Like Mud in Your Ears! 

Letís say you have a business that deals in a given niche and you want the best domain name that is available. The best domain names available are the ones that folks havenít even thought of yet. That is your job to find that special, one-of-a-kind domain name that will really be easy to remember.

Choosing a domain name registrar is as important as the domain name itself. You see the different domain registrars offer deals to use their service and you want to get the best deal going. Some offer free services to go along with your domain name purchase and others offer discount coupons to use for different stuff as well.

One thing that you should remember about domain names, the extensions at the end vary so that you can have more chances at owning the particular domain name you were after. You can choose from .com, .net, .org, .co, .info, and many others. 

Obviously, you hope to secure a .com extension since they are the most used and assumed, but if you really want to get the actual name that fits your niche or business you may have to purchase another extension and put yourself on a waiting list of the .com option.

Something else that is better when and where available, it is best to keep your domain name registrar and web hosting with the same company. From your initial purchase you will get much better offers and discounts and s time comes around for renewals and such, you can benefit from pricing again.

A few top names in domain name registrars are;,,,, and Shop and compare pricing and added benefits that each domain name registrar offers to get the best deal that fits your needs.

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Domain Name Registrars