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Muffler and Exhaust Systems

Get More Sound from Your Exhaust and Let'em Hear You Coming and Going Down the Street!

Keeping it legal, but you know how good it sounds to hear a good running diesel engine when she's purring like a cat.

The secret to a loud rumbling sound is in the muffler and exhaust tip you are using.

Nothing sounds better than the sound of a smooth rumbling of your vehicle's motor resounding through it's pipes. Flowmaster, Glasspack, Cherry Bomb, Thrush, and Dynomax can give you those sounds depending on your personal preference of muffler and exhaust system.


How to Make Your Truck Produce More Sound

It's no mistaking that you can ignore a sweet sounding truck rumbling down the street, right? well, you can do the same for your truck by modifying the muffler and exhaust system with a street legal conversion kit. The muffler is key here, adding an Aggressive Sound Muffler and Increasing your exhaust pipe size and also by adding an oversized exhaust tip at the end of your exhaust pipe will do the trick.

There are several brands of mufflers that can produce similar sounds from your motor. Diesels can be modified to an oversized straight pipe from the catalytic converter and then add an oversized exhaust tip. This is probably the most used method for more sound coming from the exhaust.

Performance exhaust from your performance muffler is key to getting all the rumble your truck can muster. So, decide what method to your madness and let's get that truck rumbling like it should.

Your local muffler shop can help you if you don't have the tools to deal with your aftermarket exhaust system.  Just to help you out initially, you may want to simply try adding an oversized exhaust tip and see if that helps to get your exhaust a bit louder.

Cat Back Exhaust is definitely worth checking out as well, they have a lot of ways to help make your exhaust sound its loudest. 

Why Pay More for Sound than You Have Too

* Pick Your Preferred Muffler Brand and Get The Sound Rolling from Your Motor's Exhaust Today!
Mufflers and Exhaust Sytems to Make You LOUD!
It should not be any surprise that people will turn their heads when they hear an awesome diesel sound rumbling form their ears. Get Your Truck LOUD Today!


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