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Throat Pain and Spasm Relief

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Natural Cure - Home remedies for heartburn - acid reflux - throat pain - throat spasms - throat constrictions

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              Acid Reflux Throat Spasms

Acid reflux, throat pain, throat spasms are are related to the foods we eat and how our body decides against our own will how it will deal with the problem. 

Nothing is any more irritating than throat pain from reflux. The stomach acids that climb your throat is a pain no worse than pouring battery acid down your throat, but don't do that, or you will end up in worse shape. Throat spasms are another super irritating and scary spell to deal with. You can't swallow but you can still breathe. I know too well about this situation.

What I have found that works quite well for me with throat spasm is to take a cup of 'coffee hot' temperature, plain tap water, and sip on it. In more times than not it will pop your throat open as soon as it feels the hot water. This is a temporary fix but you really should read about the acid reflux cure in the banner link above.


Throat Constrictions or Spasms


One very informative resource we have found for the condition of throat constriction or spasm is found in this you-tube video.
Dr. Robert Bastian explains this condition in detail and offers some options that you may find beneficial.




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