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Get More Youtube Views - How to Get More Youtube Views FAST and FREE

Get More YouTube Views and FAST, is the ultimate goal of virtually anyone who is, has, or wants to post videos on YouTube and other video websites across the internet. 

With the competition you are up against to get your videos in front of potential viewers growing literally by the second, you need to know first the right way to upload a video and how to position your video to get the maximum number of views and subscribers as fast as possible, right?




Then, what I have compiled is free and to the point. Get more YouTube Views is basically fundamental logic. By that, I mean for the most part, you just need to think in mirror image of what the video viewer is thinking when they go looking for a particular type of video.

1. First and very important, save your edited video files with a name that has relevant keywords that will be matched in the title of your video. This is simple match game theory. YouTube is a software, not human eyes doing the loading or positioning.

2.   When uploading your video, make sure you make your first line in the description worded as close to the title of your video as possible and then immediately follow that line with your website link.

3. If you are promoting an affiliate product, you need to convert your personal link to a shorter hidden link. You can use the website  to convert your affiliate link.

4. Social Media is a great tool to immediately broadcast your newly upload video. Facebook, Twitter, and Squido are good places to send the new video link so people will click and watch your video.

5. Another great video broadcaster is with press releases, search engines love to give press releases top billing in the generic search results and a good free PR site is; . Again, same goes for the press release, title with relevant keywords is key to getting the most out of you generic search results and actual views from human eyes. This creates a high value backlink to your video as well, provided you included a link directly to your video using the right keywords.

6.  The rest is basically up to your personal preference. The above mentioned will give you the best free method of uploading and getting the best generic views for your YouTube videos. To get even more views you need a little help from your friends and similar Youtube video uploaders in the same keyword field. Subscribe to their video channel and ask for them to do the same, it never hurts to ask, and basically you both win in this trade.

7. You can offer video responses to the top YouTube videos that are using the same keywords as you, (your direct competition) . Post video responses in the comment section of their videos and use your video to be posted so that others who view the comments will also find your video link. This is a great way to give backlink value to your video too.

8.  has a number of offerings to get you more views for $5 Bucks. This is a good way to increase Youtube video views for a weighted value among your competing keyword video competition.

9. Before you actually upload your video, play with different titles to see what the total number of views there are for a given title and then see exactly how the competition has phrased their title. Using similar but different titles can give you an edge to rank high as well.

10. Last, but certainly not least, the keyword section of the YouTube video upload process is to list the relevant keywords to your video. List the keywords in the order in which they are used in the title. Keep in mind, you are dealing with a software system that is programmed to think as it was designed. Similar names, keywords, and phrases are matched to the title for better relevance and positioning.

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Fact: After building and uploading my video for Get More YouTube Views, it showed up within 15 minutes on YouTube page #4 out of 48,400,000 Results. You cannot find more straightforward information than I have provided to you on this page. Please use this to your advantage. Pay It Forward by Helping Others.
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