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Teach Our Children to Recognize - Report - and Protect Each Other in School







and Law


Please Educate
Our Children
to Report
Social Behaviors
You Must Follow
Up to Ensure Those
to Any

Gun Owners:

Do Not
Assume Your
Should Not
 Be Able to
Access Any
When You
Are Not




       We Now Live in
    a Different World

 Fact: Our schools harbor
 mentally challenged
 students with a desire to
 make a statement. Where
 and when are the only

 Fact: Defending our
 children takes being
 aggressive against
 violence. Waiting until
 something happens is
 too late.

 Fact: Allowing carry
 and conceal weapons
 by trained teachers and
 faculty will deter anyone
 from attacking a school
 that is defended. This is
 no different than a
 police officer being
 present at the school,
 other than having more
 a broader force.

 Fact: The Media and
 their Bias Endorsers
 have their own agenda
 to propaganda the public
 and try to take the guns
 away from the innocent,
 so that only the defenseless
 will be left to fail to protect
 our children.

 Fact: Our President
 endorses being on the
 offense of a serious issue
 with protecting our children.
 I endorse the Presidentís



       STOP the Violence!

    The time is NOW and we must put an end to violence our
    children are having to deal with while away from home and
    in school. The evolution of our times and violence has
    grown to a point that lawmakers are once again fighting
    among themselves as to how to address the violence in
    schools and gun control.

    Changing the laws of gun control is not going to stop the
    violence. The gun is an inanimate object. Guns don't kill
    people, people kill people. That is not debatable, period.

    The question is why do people kill people? There was a
    time in our country when you could drive your pick up truck
    to school, with a loaded rifle and a shot gun hanging in
    the back window area for all to see and nothing would

    Those days are gone for several reasons, but primarily
    we have evolved into a society of overly sensitive and
    mentally unstable people who feel the need to lash out
    due to their internal stress for whatever reason in order
    to make a statement.


    HOW DO WE FIX THIS . . . .

Considering the obvious contributing factors, such as
     a large number of kids living in single parent homes,
     bullying in school going unreported, video games
     promoting violence as a sport, the lack of prayer in
     school, the lack of teaching allegiance to our country
     and the price that was paid to allow you to get the
     education that is afforded you and how precious it is
     to protect yourself and others, we need to . . .
            EDUCATE Our Children on Violence
     The time has come to educate our children on the
     consequences of their actions. If you give into the
     violence that you feel is within you, there is only two
     choices of how you will spend the rest of your life.

     Once you choose violence as a solution, to any issues
     you may be facing, there is only death or life inside a
     6ft X 8ft prison cell for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

     Literally showing and scaring the living daylights out
     of them and presenting them with the ONLY choices
     after you commit a serious crime of murder against
     another human being is all that will help to deter
     violent crime at this point in our country.

     Leaving it up to a country filled with inept parents to
     teach respect, honor, and goodwill toward our fellow
     students has since been ignored to the point we must
     step up and re-educate our society as to what will be
     done to those who feel the need to commit crimes of
     this nature.

     It would be a great educational tool to create a
     simulated 6X8 prison room and have a mock
     headstone to physically display to junior high and
     high school children on the "permanent choices
     of violence".
     And then to display a list of all the simplest pleasures
     of life that are no longer an option for anyone who
     thinks harming another human being is worth doing?

      Arm Our Schools and Post It

One very good idea is to train and allow the teachers
     to have carry permits to carry handguns on their
     person. It is a social adjustment yes, but one that
     ultimately deter anyone from trying to guess who
     is carrying and how many are carrying weapons
     to discourage anyone from trying to surprise a
     group of students and teachers.

     Post the school grounds with signs making the public
     aware that this school practices gun carry permits
     for the teachers and faculty.

     Would You Rob a House with an ADT sign in
     the front yard?

     Forget changing the laws in our country on guns,
     underage punishment, punishing negligent parents
     and guardians. There will always be extenuating
     circumstances, but a direct and cold hard truth of
     life and their choices is as straight to the point as
     we could possibly show them.

     Another major contributing factor is the over the
     top reporting of our news media. They should not
     make such a repetitive news story that goes on
     for days and panel shows of, what was the weapon
     used, what is the background of the shooter, etc.
     And the lawmakers use these events to stir up the
     need for new laws, when we have the laws in place
     to deal with the end results already.

     These continuing detailed storylines only fuel those
     mentally unstable people in our country to want to
     copycat or improve on their 15 minutes of fame
     to end their personal issues.

     These are the views of this webmaster and I pray
     for our country and it's people daily, that we will
     continue to strive for a better world and to include
     everyone, to the right to life and protection under
     our laws.

        GOD Bless Our Country and Our Children



It's Just Not
Worth It . . .




These are the only two choices for
anyone who feels the need to take
the life of another person, regardless
of your nationality, age, sex, or religion, in the United States of

Take time to realize the loss of your life or any of the freedoms you do enjoy, will be forever eliminated if you choose to take the life of another person.

You do have options to seek help
and to be removed from places that
are causing you to feel helpless.

Your Life and the Life of Others
are More Precious than ANYTHING
in this World!




There is a
Current Debate
in Lieu of the Recent
School Shootings
both in Public, Politics,
and Among
Our Students
in America,
as to What Needs
to be Done to
Eliminate the

Please Educate
Our Nation on
the History
of the World
When Guns
Are Removed

History Tells Us
Crime Increases
and Governments
Become More

Don't Rush to
Make Poor


Teachers Protect Your


Hey, It's Me Chip



"I hope you support the safety and education of our children and our society as a whole, to stop the violence by direct and
  compassionately teaching and understanding. But to resort to spending time rehashing the current laws on guns and
  how to punish offenders is futile, in getting our country back to the days of safety, respect, honor, and justice."

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