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1. Check to See if a Surface is Level -
  Bet you didn't know your iPhone can check to see if
  something is level. Launch the Compass, then swipe left,
  and you’ll find a bubble leveler, ideal for hanging photos.

  Your iPhone has a built-in gyroscope sensor to see if
  something is perfectly level (horizontally or vertically),
  with the red margin showing how much the two angles vary.
2. Shake Your iPhone to Delete Typing -
  When you are typing words in any application like Mail,
  Messages, or Notes, or when using editing tools such as
  Cut, Copy, or Paste, you can shake your iPhone to undo
  your typing. Shake again to redo.

  This is much faster than pressing and holding the back
  or delete button until unwanted text is gone.

  You will get a confirmation message will pop up to make
  sure you meant to do this, and it wasn’t just a sneeze.
  Tap to confirm or cancel.
3. Coca-Cola originally had Cocaine in it -
More than likely the "coca" part of Coca-Cola is what gave
   it's claim for "medicinal" properties. Coca-Cola originally
   contained the liquid extract from coca leaves so it had small
   amounts of cocaine. Actually, it wasn't until 1929 that the
   ingredient was eliminated from Coke's recipe.
4. Find Out Who Called You -
  Whenever you get a mysterious phone call and you'd like to
   know who called you, without it costing you a penny to find
   out. Just click here and put their number in. Works on land
   line phones and cell phone numbers.

5. The Meaning of Amazon's Logo-
The smile signifies customer satisfaction and the fact
   that it spans from the letter a to z represents that they
   handle every item from A to Z.

6. The Design of Fedex Logo -
Have you ever noticed the hidden arrow in plain sight.
   Look at the white space between the capital E and the
   letter X. Now you see it, ha!
7. So You Think a Shower Makes You Clean -
Fact: The human adult body carries 2 to 9 pounds of
   bacteria at all times. I think you missed a spot would
   be accurate.
8. Think You Get Stuck in Traffic -
When you believe that you are stuck in traffic, this is false.
   You are a part of the traffic that has been created. It is
   when you leave that eliminates you from the congestion.
9. So You Think You Are Smart -
Actually, Psychology is the brain trying to comprehend itself.
10. When Should You Exercise -
If you are into working out or just trying to maintain your
    body weight, when you eat is important to when you
    should exercise.

    If you want to maintain or increase muscle build up, you
   should eat before you workout. If you want to lose weight
   you should exercise first and then you will want to eat less.
   This strategy will provide you with better results either way.











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