These Foods Are Known to Reduce Your Weight If Eaten Properly:










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   5 Foods that Cause Weight Loss

   While food is essential to our lives, what we choose
   to eat and how much of it we actually consume is
   what determines our overall health and weight.

   Aside from any glandular irregularities, you can eat
   for fun, enjoyment, or for the purpose of maintaining
   your health and weight.

  Weight loss from food is accomplished by being a bit
  more aware of your intake versus your weight gain.
  If you are saying “I need to go on a diet”, you probably
  won’t accomplish your wishful thinking, or at least, not
  for long.

  Weight loss and keeping excess weight off is done
  with focus, dedication and knowing which foods will
  help you maintain a good weight for your body.

  Here are some foods that will help you with weight loss
  and keeping your body weight in check, without having
  to consider your actions as a “diet”.

  1. Beans - great variety, filling, and add the protein
  your body needs to maintain good health

  2. Soup - any flavor you like and the trick to eating
  soups is regardless of the choice you like the
  main ingredient is water. Water adds the ability
  to shed the weight leaving factors to your body.

  3. Eggs - again, another great food for protein and
  they help keep you feeling fuller longer. Eat 2 eggs
  5 times a week, preferably early in the day to
  keep you feeling full.

  4. Salads - now this is no secret food, but it can be
  very deceiving. When you eat salads and pour on
  the salad dressings, you are defeating your efforts.
  Either eat a lot less dressing or choose a light dressing
  low in calories.

  5. Apples and Pears - are a great source of fiber. You
  need the fiber in your diet to keep it in balance. Eat
  an apple or pear a day. That should keep you going
  in the right direction with your overall health
  awareness and focusing on weight loss with saying
  you are on a diet.




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 The Red Tea Detox

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