Nutritionists Say There Are Foods that You Should Never Consume and Here Are Their Reasons:











"It's important to take
away from all this information, that
in order to eat smarter
 and healthier, we must
understand that we
come from the most
obese country in
the world.

We are the land
of plenty and in
saying that, we must
learn to eat less and
exercise more
if we are to live
longer more
productive lives."




Eat Less
Move More




"Our biggest
culprit in many
opinion is sugar
and it's
unhealthy substitutes. Learning to avoid as
much sugar as
possible can put
our overall health
in a much better
position regardless
of age."












Bad Health

1. Fruit Juices -
Ask yourself this question; Would you sit
down and consume, let's say 10 oranges at one time, or
maybe 10 apples?

The answer should be, no, and the reason is, first of all
you couldn't hold that much and secondly, that would be
putting a ton of fructose or the equivalent of sugar in your
body. Do you think that would be a smart thing to do? Really!

Sugar is what has put millions of people in this country into a
diabetic state. There are countries that don't even deal with
being diabetics simply because they don't consume large quantities of sugar in their diet.

2. Artificial Sweeteners-
Okay, spoonful for spoonful of real
 sugar compared to artificial sweeteners which tastes
 sweeter? The artificial sweeteners right?

 So, in a short period of time you will consume more
 sweetener therefore, the brain and all your body's
 components will adjust to knowing you like sweets.

 That will in turn cause you to crave more sweets and thus
 you are over consuming sugar or the thoughts of sugar.
 This will drive your sweet tooth to an early grave.



The Key to
is to
Eat Smaller




than any
Guess Who
has more






3. Microwave Popcorn-
I know you're thinking, WHAAAT?
 but, yes, there are ingredients here that are not healthy. The
 main no no is with the bags, they are coated with a
nonstick perfluorochemicals like perfluorooctane sulfonate
 and a perfluorooctanoic acid. These chemicals are closely
 associated with cancer causing agents.

4. Margarine- Talk about an artery clogging ingredient, this
 stuff was originally tested on turkeys and it killed them. Did
 you know that you can put a stick of margarine on a saucer
 and place it on your picnic table outside and no animal will
 touch it?

 Try it? Originally it was sold as a butter substitute, for lower
 saturated fat, to protect your heart health, but that has since
been proven false. Actually, the trans fats are a direct link to
over 50,000 heart attacks each year. Trans fats will increase your chances of becoming diabetic too.

5. Can of Green Beans - Believe it or not, it's the pesticides
 that taint this daily diet item. The latest Consumer Reports
 say they tested a can that had high levels of toxic chemicals,
 directly associated with the pesticides used, more so, than
 other vegetable crops and if eaten on a daily basis can be 
 considered a "high risk" intake that can affect hormone
 The 2 Week Diet


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