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 Being a very small venue in which to
 share our views on current events, 
 especially in the political arena, it is a  
 means by which we can vent and
 hopefully shed some insights on the
 biased media outlets that are so
 determined to spread what is a
 pure form of propaganda here in the U.S.

 If you should feel similar in your views
 we asked that you share this site with

READ ABOUT: Marines Kick Out FEMA Agents





Think This Doctor is a Quack and Never Heard of Him?
Have a Listen to Tucker Carlson's Interview About Ozempic


Do you know anyone using Ozempic for
Weight Loss? Are You Using Ozempic?
READ Their Website Warnings

Then you MUST WATCH this video and
decide for yourself whether you should
cancel your prescription or suffer some
very dire potential side-effects from it.

The FDA has issued a boxed warning for
Ozempic due to its potential to cause
thyroid tumors and thyroid cancer. A
boxed warning is the most serious safety
warning issued by the FDA and not
something to take lightly.

The company that makes it in Europe
doesn't allow it sold for weight loss in

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Shame On You!  . . .
February 7, 2024

It is a sad state of affairs that we as
Americans, that are believers in truth and
justice, that we have to make a stand for
it among our fellow men and women, to
declare, that which did not happen, against
comparable events that went without any
justice or rule of law whatsoever.

Time and justice will prevail and those who
chose to ignore the law will be held
accountable and the mirror of truth will
reflect why our constitution was created
for just such occasions.


 Listen to a highly decorated Ret.
  U.S. Colonel describe our dilemma
  with the Russian/Ukraine War

Tucker Carlson is our current times best
   reporter/interviewer of some of the most
   important people of our times. He sat
   down with retired Colonel Douglas 
   Macgregor to discuss the unimaginable
   position we face if we continue to
   contribute funding of a lost battle that only
   has dire consequences for us as a
   country. Make no mistake, that listening
   to any politician that supports any money
   for the continuance of this war is literally
   stupid on the surface.


 Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with
Vladimir Putin in Moscow – Full Transcript
Released!  READ IT Yourself

February 5, 2024 - It is well worth listening to what Vladimir Putin has to say. His
insight on our way of life and the truth he speaks, of what we are led to believe
otherwise, is really quite awakening to know, that what we know, to be the real truth,
is openly said and believed outside of the U.S. with regard to our politics, and self
-destruction of our way of  life. Climate change is not real and and many other
unbiased opinions that he explains.
It's Funny How Open and Direct
a Russian Leader Will Discuss
the Events in Our Country

Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir
Putin is a fresh exchange of just how we
are perceived to other humans in the world
that are not bought and paid for, to tell us
how we should think of ourselves or be led
by less than honest leadership.


(Click the image to Enlarge)
Also found here:

As of January 24, 2024 . . .
The Governor of the Great State of
Texas has Invoked State Sovereignty
to Joe Biden and the Supreme Court

Americans, it has come to a point that our
government, including our Supreme Court
have failed to uphold the laws and to
protect the American citizens from illegal
immigrants and their illegal crossing into
our country.

Every effort that has been taken to resolve
this issue has been met with illegal
opposition and this step by Texas and its
people have every right to act as they have.
We pray for a quick and peaceful result.



By defending the TRUTH we Must share information that is not publicly shared
by normal daily news outlets, they would have us to believe as the truth or full disclosure.




  Bank Closures are increasing . . . As the fiat U.S. Dollar is currently being denied around the world for use in purchasing oil and
  other commodities more and more banks are in trouble or have filed bankruptcy. This is a serious matter that is unfolding as you
  read this information. So, is your money in your bank safe?

 What happens if my bank should close/go bankrupt?

 The FDIC staff is on location at the failed institutions, using money from the FDIC insurance fund to promptly reimburse insured
. Your monies are insured automatically up to $250,000. Later, the FDIC staff will recover a portion of this money by
 selling the failed financial institution's loans and other assets.  See which banks have already closed this year . . .




Strike TWO! as of Jan 24,2024

Nikki Haley or
Nimarata Nikki Randhawa, her given birth name, she
is supposedly from Indian parents
from India. She supposedly has been
accused of sleeping around outside
of her marriage. She supports going
to war with Iran. She converted her
original religious beliefs to Christian.
Not that that is bad, but curious, since
Indian relgions are so strict. She claims
she was bullied and called the 'brown
girl' in school and many other hidden
stories that continue to come out about

There are some interesting stories
about how her support staff having
had money to offer voters for just being
a kind person. Already there is more
baggage, true or false than a
legitimate candidate should have.
  Med Bed Technology
  Hold onto your imagination and beliefs
  and disbeliefs, life is changing in real

  There is nothing in our lifetimes, that is
  about to unfold right in front of us, that
  could have prepared us for what is about
  to take place. The reality of life in today's
  future is changing, as if in a dream,
  but it is absolutely real.

   Those doubting Thomas' will soon
   become believers as if miracles are
   happening one after another. You just
   need to have an open mind a convincing
   heart and you will soon cross over into a
   whole new world of medicine.


 The Most Defining Analogy of the
  Last Eight Years
- December 27,2023 -

  This is Unmistakably the Best
  Explanation of Where Our Country Was 
  and Is Today . . .
  There are those who will dispute some of
   this information, but time is drawing nigh,
   that will unveil the truth for all to see, and
   understand the past eight years had to
   be this way in order for freedom to finally
   become a reality.

   In order for things to come to a full and
   complete transition, there were steps
   taken that caused us to ask why, but
   the end will justify the reasons.

To fully understand where we are today in the U.S. and the positives to come, you must
take the time to see what we are up against and who is in Command of our future. The
video is long, but the best explanation to date, for believers and non-believers alike, to absorb the Truth! It is well worth your time to watch it in its entirety.
   This video takes you back to when our
   path was drastically altered for the
   wicked to spin their web of lies.
Do Not PANIC – This is a simulation
NOT a fact that it will occur . . .

While this video and its content are
designed to show you what is being
simulated as a future event, that we
sincerely hope does not come to reality,
it does explain just how the elite in this
world actually configure what the world’s
population has to endure by their devious
thinking and planning. When diseases
can and are patented, it causes us all to
ask WHY?
 At this point in time, it is imperative that anyone who does not believe that there are actual people, who think they are wealthy enough
 to dictate to the world, that they have the power and the justification, to control who lives and how many live in this world, so that they
 can have more control over those who remain. If there are patents on diseases, which there are, how can you not understand or
 believe that those patents are for one purpose only, to control the world and who lives here. Certainly not, for the purpose of helping
 anyone, but the extreme elite and their sick mentality of life itself. Control is actually a disease they cannot and will not admit to.

>>> Here is another Letter from Sen. Ron Johnson, Ranking Member, Permanent Subcommittee
on Investigations
, to Lloyd Austin, Secretary, Dep’t of Defense, Jan. 24, 2022

World renowned Doctors and Medical

This panel of highly respected people, in
their respective fields of expertise, cannot
deny the truth in their studies and results.

Aside from this article, it is imperative to
share a little known fact, that the U.S. is
the only country in the world who has
medicine for profit
. (research it)

Feel free to skip around on the video to
catch different professionals giving their
own personal discoveries in a highly
important fact finding discussion.

The findings are undeniable and hard to
find on your local or national news reports.

The Proper Procedures of Our
Government to Make Discovery

There is no mistaking the fair and due
process of our government representation
of Congress, to investigate and gain a
full understanding of what has or has not
transpired from anyone who has infringed
on their rights to be questioned in a legal

It is also clear their is substantial evidence
of wrong doing from a very prominent family
and justice demands the same treatment
under the laws of this country.


Everybody Love Self-Checkout Right?

Appears Walmart and other retail outlets
are discovering the level of theft is costing
them more than they bargained for.

And, seems their theft accusations are just
as alarming and unjustified to consumers
who are unfairly accused of stealing

Walmart, Costco and some other retailers
are cutting out some of their self-checkout
locations due to their lost revenue.
See here


Treatment for Cancer . . .

Using Ivermectin has been given a bad
name by big pharma for obvious reasons,
they can't make the same enormous profits
from a extremely safe, and simple formula
that has proven in multiple applications to
cure viruses and diseases.

That being said, Ivermectin has been
around for decades and has an
excellent track record for successes.

It is well worth your time to investigate the
history of this medicine. It along with
Hydroxychloroquine have been more safely
administered to current virus outbreak
patients with amazing results.
  News Flash: Pharmaceuticals Don’t Cure Diseases
  It’s apparent by in large, that medicines treat the symptoms, and do not cure the illness or disease. Do you think that is by design
 of the medications?. . . Here's what they won't tell you about cancer treatments that have shown amazing results Click Here



This NEWS is earth shattering and you
more than likely did not see or here of it
on the national news affiliate channels or
your local news channels, huh.

Well when the Speaker of the House, Mike
Johnson, announces that there is hard
from a judge, no less, that the
sitting president of the United States and
his family, have been known to commit
crimes of this scale.

When will we see this administration and
this family be convicted?




MedBeds can regenerate the dying cell
tissues in the body to make the cells healthy
again, as well as revive neurons, protons, stem cells, etc. This is done to treat
diseases such as multiple sclerosis,
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc.

These advanced MedBeds have microlaser
technology and multiple refractive lenses
that can manipulate the body's natural
chronometer and perform age regression
procedures through DNA modification and
reconstruction, if you will.

The technology is certainly new and
innovative to say the least.

 According to reports, numerous MedBeds are currently being built to accommodate the world’s need in all countries. Staying focused
on the status of when you can access this amazing equipment is vitally important to you and your loved ones.

Do not be misled by any imposter equipment that is being marketed as true MedBeds. Do not pay for any services suggested, as this
new technology is not designed to be a paid service for its use at this time by the general public. When this equipment is ready to be
offered to the general public you will be presented with its offering.                                                                                             source



Is it Possible . . . Can it be done . . .
Has it been done?

With this bit of news that somehow doesn't show up on the current, recent, local or
national news networks, who'd a thought there were true confessions from an honest source, the guilty party?

And by a panel of government officials
doing the questioning of all people.

This doesn't beg the question of if it
can be done, but when and how many times?                                        source

    In today's world, many stories are considered conspiracy theories because
    they are either hard to imagine being true, or they are too sensitive to be told
    for fear of committing chaos among those that may be affected by the truth.

    Regardless of your belief that we are truly free from those who would seek
    to deceive us and mislead us, into thinking they always have our best interest
    at heart, there are those who believe we do not deserve to know the truth.

    Surely there will soon be a time when the real truth will be revealed and a major
    adjustment will unfold in our lives because we believe in God and what he has
    created will not be destroyed by man. True Peace is Coming Around the World


The views of this site are their own and you
should do your own research to find what is true.


There have been Materials and Bodies
Recovered (unseen footage)

As we continue to travel in time, we are not
alone and the proof is there if only they
would allow us to see and know what they

This video makes one of the best
explanations as to why 'they' don't want
us to know. It isn't about money, necessarily.

Keep an open mind and learn more than
you have thus far and you'll be less shocked
when we get more information . . . .



The Lahaina wildfires broke out on Maui on Aug. 8, scorching a combined 10.4 square miles.

After watching this video, the unexplained
is; what did this, who did this, and why was
it done?

There is laser weaponry that can pinpoint
directly and only affect the targets to be

The media has been very disconnected
from reporting the details of this event, why?

Targeted fires that melted glass and
aluminum while items nearby untouched.
       What are D.E.W.S and How Can They Be Used?

Do Directed Energy Weapons exist?
Sep 18, 2023 According to www.GAO.gov ; These weapons come mainly in two forms: high-energy lasers, like Rafael's
Iron Beam, and Epirus' HPMs. The former focuses a beam or beams of energy to blind, cut or inflict heat damage on a target.
The latter unleashes waves of energy that overwhelm or fry electronic components.

Should we continue to add unexplained disasters:
Lahaina, HI wildfires 8/8/23, chemical plant in Shepherd, Texas 11/10/23

But WAIT . . . There's MORE . . .

Dare to ASK the Hard Questions

Dear Readers: It is not so well known, the case between those who do not believe
we as Americans are living in a silent state of war, within our own country, and those
who are reading between the lines. We are all heavily divided between false reality
and what is actually taking place. There are specific reasons the current administration
totally ignores the open southern border. Why they operate under a two tier justice
system and what is the purpose of not allowing constitutional justice to be entered
in defense of DJT? The news and information this website is attempting to do is
open your eyes to things that you never find on the national or local news channels.
That in itself, is because of the control the owners of the networks, intentionally block
the truth, for their own personal agendas. Please do your own research and question
more of the "Why is that Happening?" Rest assured there are good guys working
feverously to undo the lies, deceit, and cover ups taking place on a daily basis.
Just because you don't see or feel anything is happening against your personal life,
does not mean we could not wake up to a dictatorship virtually overnight.




   Foods . . . . .


  Recipes are treasures for the palate 
  and knowing how to prepare your meals
  can have them coming back for more or
  running to find a new restaurant.
  Learning new ways to prepare your 
  foods can spice up your family's
  choices of what they want for supper.



  When its time to cook, what to
  prepare is always the question
  - Beef / Pork / Chicken / Fish -
 Where you cook your meat choice
 should always be as much of the
 decision as how you cook it.
 A smart choice of where you can
 cook is on a griddle. Think about it,
 from the mom and pop's meat and
 3's to the finest restaurants in the
 world use a griddle style heat source.
     Available at Amazon
 (Amazon affiliate offer)

  Eating healthy is always important when
  you choose the foods for you and your
  family. Knowing what, where, and what's
  in the foods we select is not as easy at it
  The additives that inside our food choices
  will surprise you. The FDA is not always
  looking for what's best for our bodies but  
  more so, what makes the food appear
  fresh, longer self life, and has a more
  appealing color.


   Outdoors . . .

  Whenever its outdoor time, you always
  are searching for how to add something
  else to your property or want to figure
  how much concrete or building materials
  you'll need to get started. The calculator
  to your left may help narrow down how
  much concrete you'll need for that project.

  To your right is a unique way to make
  large rocks and boulders for those bigger
  projects and you can customize the size,
  color and shape of your rock structures.
  Our method has been around for over
  twenty years and have sold our plans
  in all 50 states and 45 foreign countries.

  Travels . . .




There is no mistaking that Gatlinburg is the
most visited location in Tennessee and
offers the most entertainment for all ages.

Be sure to look for coupons, discounts, and
always be willing to ask other patrons if
they know of any ways to $AVE on rides,
shows, and other neat attractions.

Take a Look Here > Gatlinburg Attractions

and Lodging . . .





Pigeon Forge is filled with EXCITEMENT!

From rides, shows, and all things FUN!
So much is NEW and Great Times are
waiting for you and your family. Just let us
 know how many in your family or group
and we'll make accommodations that
fits your party to a tee . . . . . . Come to
Pigeon Forge and Join in the FUN!

We're just 5 miles from Gatlinburg
and The Great Smoky Mountains!

Fun Stuff . . .

 Here's a Just for FUN Moment . . .
 Have you ever heard of the Mandela
 Basically, it is a test to see how good your
 memory really is. Things we've seen a
 million times and how we remember seeing
 them is interesting to say the least . . .

 Give it a Try and See How Keen Your
 Memory Really Is . . .

 Then, if you ever get a jury duty notice, be
 especially careful on how you may judge
 others. Haha






Learn How to Create Your Own Business
and Let Yourself be the BOSS!


This Just in . . . Leaked Manifesto of Nashville Shooter at Covenant Presbyterian School Reveals Chilling Statements



          About this website: It is important to know that our media and the government shelter, deny, and refuse to admit,
          to a lot of what happens to our country and its people. We do not live as free as we assume that we do. Snip-its of
          information, that makes us question what is really going on, is exactly what they don't want us to know or spend time
         delving into. That realm of knowledge is taboo or not to be pursued. We are blocked from knowing cures and
         antidotes that could eliminate diseases and viruses because the profits from the medicines, that only pacify the
         illness, is too great to not capitalize on it, at our expense. As proof to these statements, look into the Amish faith
         concerning public medicines and vaccines which they do not take and see if they contract as many diseases or
         viruses as most of Americans. Any information you view on this website is up to you, to validate and do your own
         investigating for answers as to them being accurate.



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