How to Improve Organic Search Results

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Learn how you can expand your potential online exposure with webmaster tools that help you rank your website.


What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what webmaster tools do to help you rank your website high in the search engines and ultimately gain a leg up on your niche competition. The webmaster guidelines are critical to your success in online marketing.

How to Improve Organic Search Results
eCommerce marketing needs include hosts for websites, cloud hosting, find a domain name, and WP eCommerce to complete your website set up.

Organic Search Results
How to get a website to show
up on page one in organic 
search results. This can be done with a few steps we can show you. 

There are important factors that must be in place for your small business online to really make money online. We can show you with a little friendly help that we offer here at Enjoy!


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For fast and effective advertising that generates quick responses, check the column on the right for great tips and tricks to get your website to rank quickly.


eCommerce Marketing is probably the most effective online marketing resource, primarily due to the personal and direct reach email marketing has to potential customers.

When you open your email account and you find a catchy, eye grabbing, curiosity killing, subject line, that you can't help but open, that's effective email marketing at it's best!

Any type of email marketing is designed to reach and appeal to potential customers, whether or not it succeeds is another question entirely. 

Knowing how to be more effective with your email marketing is a much better question how to approach your email marketing campaign efforts.

Currently, email marketing is improving on it's delivery methods, thanks to the internet upgrades, with most email services, and their email providers. By allowing emails to be delivered to you using html and or dynamic script, allows advertisers to deliver virtually, a professionally created ad. An ad that you may notice that is similar to one you see on a website or even a tv commercial, can now be delivered in an email. This virtually converting email marketing into direct marketing at it's best yet!

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Getting you set up with the Best Information about web hosting, domain names, and website design is what I hope to make for a better understanding and savings to you. I wish I had this knowledge years ago myself.

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Real Insights in Daily Topics
Its important to understand that simply having a website presence is good, but to really get the most from your online efforts you should do the necessary research into web hosting, domain names, and whether you have a website design that appeals to your readers. 

How to Get Your Website on Page One of Google the Right Way

- You Need to Appeal to Google's Way of Doing Things ALWAYS! If you try to overstuff keywords, use bad backlink sources, or other black hat methods to shortcut your way with Google, You Will Lose. Always choose white hat methods.

- You Need Backlinks that Rank High, But Not Just Any Old Backlinks. You need to use backlinks you can trust to be of high value according to Google and that are on topic from a similar niche as yours.

- Social Media Marketing is Key to Your Ranking Success
- Learn to Follow and Share It to Your Ensure Your Online Success.

- You need to build mini sites that include anchor text links to your main business website. Try to use different IP addresses for these sites so they come from different locations on the internet to add more credibility and value.


Google likes Wordpress built websites and for your website to use anchor text linking in moderation. Don't overdo your keywords and be aware of where your incoming links are coming from. You want your site to be an Authority site for your keyword specific site, so choose your own incoming 
links from aged and on topic niche support sites. The best way to do this is to Purchase Expired Domains that still have a PR ranking of at least a 1 and build anchor text on those sites pointing to your main website that you want 
to rank on page one.


Having the right information to support what your readers want and expect is another serious question that you need your readers to answer for you. Cloud hosting is a new aspect of online web hosting and is really coming into its own right now. See if cloud hosting is a good fit for your online business venture and add it to your to do list of research.

Another decision is
shared servers or dedicated web servers. For those just starting out, shared hosting will satisfy your needs and will be the least expensive as well. dedicated web hosting is for large companies and those online businesses with a lot of merchandise and content that requires contact updating and managing.

Find a domain name is one of your first steps and hopefully you will do your due diligence in researching a domain name that is both catchy and easy to remember. Another smart choice is to see how best to get it found in the major search engines. would not do as well as because search engines look for relevant terms for a given subject matter first. Just saying, be smart and choose wisely, it can make a big difference in your online success.

eCommerce web hosting is what you need if you plan on selling products online. You will need a shopping cart and a means of accepting credit cards a well. One very easy method is to use Paypal can accept immediate payments directly to your account and can process most major credit cards too. there is a minimal charge per transaction but you do not need a merchant terminal r other costly mechanism in place to accept payments.

eCommerce Marketing 

When you want to get your business built right for the web you need to seriously consider ecommerce web hosting to give your business the professional attention and appeal it needs to be successful. Choosing whether to use a shared or dedicated web server or even stepping up to cloud hosting are important factors in doing your business a favor from the start.

Wp eCommerce is a Wordpress plugin that can accelerate your website in being located quickly and higher in the search results for websites that have the Wordpress eCommerce advantage. This is a great leg-up on your competition no matter what niche your website business is focued on.

Choosing ecommerce web hosting is only part of the solutions available. There is the matter of selecting a shared or dedicated server or even cloud hosting. There are obvious differences in price and what you can expect to get for your money as well.

A shared web server is exactly what the name implies. If you elect to go with a shared web server you are sharing your website with a whole host of other websites being delivered up to the worldwide web. This can be envisioned as releasing a cluster of helium balloons. Some may go high while others may fizzle and others just linger in a suspended state.

A dedicated web server on the other hand is your best choice since the uptime is more certain and closer to 100% of the time. Any downtime is the same as your business being closed when you expected it to be open for business twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. With a dedicated web server you will pay a little more, but the reliability in your website always being available to your viewers is practically guaranteed.

Cloud hosting is something altogether different. There are advantages over shared hosting services and can actually be better than dedicated web hosting. Think of a cloud covering more area than a single spot or in this case a single machine. Cloud hosting uses multiple machines so the risk of you losing data or running out of storage space is extremely minimal since it is shared among multiple machines. If a machine should fail, there are others to carry your data or website information so that your website’s uptime is guaranteed. The cost of cloud hosting can be more economical than dedicated web hosting services also.

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What is eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce Marketing begins with Email Marketing is the most effective advertising tool in order to convince your audience to buy from you if you apply the right email marketing program to your advertising platform. Building trust with your clients is first and foremost in your email marketing agenda. Email mail marketing produces the absolute best results of all the online advertising methods, hands down. 

Start your email now!
If done right, with email marketing, you can create a faithful following of loyal readers of your email notices and expand on your business from a personal standpoint. Email Marketing is designed to promote awareness to your website. Allow your website to do the selling and the email marketing to direct the traffic to your website. 


There are several links on this page designed to give you access to vital online business information important to getting your website presence as much juice as possible. Having a website is only part of being successful online. You need to know where to advertise and how to do email marketing among other things. So, take some time and really browse this site. Bookmark it so that when you have a question, you can refer back to it. Thanks again for stopping by.



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