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What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting? Is that like a rainy day internet service? Not exactly, the latest in catch phrases is cloud hosting. First of all, let’s explain what the term cloud means as far as the internet. 

Cloud computing is the opposite of you purchasing a software to use on your computer. You pay to access or use a service that an internet provider has that you can use. By doing things this way, you don’t have to pay for a license, purchase software and get confused on how to set it up, download onto your pc and use up valuable memory on your computer.

Cloud Computing & Cloud Hosting by Rackspace

Using a cloud hosting service such as Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, or Rackspace, you get the added features that a cloud host provides without having to add it to your pc. There are public clouds and private clouds. Public clouds involve the internet and private clouds refer to the intranet or private business use on intranet features. If you only see or hear just ‘cloud’ it refers to the internet services provided.

An easy way to understand cloud computing is a service that doesn’t run on your pc but
rather an internet or intranet provider’s systems. You are just reaping the benefits for a nominal fee or are using the features being stored or loaded from a data center. For example; by using Google Docs you are making use of Google’s cloud computing services.
Using your company’s pc you are able to access the information loaded from your IT department that is using cloud computing.

So, if you opt to make use of added features with your web hosting that doesn’t require you to load up your personal pc with a lot of software, this is what cloud hosting is all about. Some of you may use Google Chrome as your browser and have realized once you are signed up with a Google account you can go to a totally new pc or one in a different location and sign into your Google account and that pc can give you access to things your personal pc at home has. This is a form of cloud computing as such.



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Cloud Hosting